Coppabella Wind Farm

Coppabella Wind Farm is located in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, approximately 30km west of Yass. The Wind Farm was originally a distinct precinct within the larger proposed Yass Valley Wind Farm. The project was renamed Coppabella Wind Farm to reflect the change from the original project scope and more accurately represent its geographic location.

The NSW Government has approved construction and operation of up to 79 wind turbines and related civil and electrical infrastructure.

Latest News

Project modification

In September 2017 Coppabella Wind Farm submitted to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE), an application to modify the Development Consent SSD-6698. This modification is required to enable optimum development, efficient operation and, competitively priced power to be provided into the National Electricity Market.

NSW DPE has now completed its assessment of the merits of the modification application. The application has now been referred to the NSW Independent Planning Commission (IPC).  The NSW IPC will be holding a public meeting on Monday 12 November at 1:30pm at the Yass Soldiers Club (82 Meehan Street, Yass) for all related details see here.

The associated materials can be found online at the NSW DPE major project register, see here.

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