Local Business Participation Program

Coppabella Wind Farm is committed to local sourcing where feasible. The Local Business Participation Program is  the key initiative to identify capacity in the local community and maximise opportunities for local suppliers to participate in the project.

Stage one – Expressions of Interest 

Under the first stage of the Program, Coppabella Wind Farm is seeking Expressions of Interest for a number of different work packages ranging from fencing to civil construction of on-site roads and local accommodation providers. The project was listed on Industry Capability Network (ICN) Gateway and companies were encouraged to register their interest.

The listing on ICN Gateway has now closed. Further Expressions of Interest can be made directly by contacting us.

Stage two – Further Information

Stage Two of will be an Industry Briefing to be held in the local area following the appointment of the major subcontractors – the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) and Balance of Plant (BoP) contractors. The Industry Briefing will provide local businesses with additional information about the available work packages and the process of bidding for subcontracting or supply opportunities.

Stage three – Engagement of Contractor

Stage Three, is the engagement stage where the main contractors for the project, will engage subcontractors and suppliers. Stage three spans the phases of construction and the transition into the operations phase.

The main contractor and/or major subcontractor may engage suppliers and subcontractors according to their normal procurement processes which may include tendering for particular work or negotiation of rates for particular work. Prior to engagement, companies will be required to complete a pre-qualification approval according to the requirements of the hiring company (main contractor or major subcontractor).